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CELESTY Glow Series

CELESTY Glow Extreme Whitening Essence

Product Code: 1168
Retail Price (incl. Tax) : ¥ 4,104

CELESTY Glow Extreme Whitening Essences has been formulated to revitalize your skin.

Feed your skin with CELESTY Glow Extreme Whitening Essence for it to revitalize and allow your skin to standout. It soothes, softens and lightens the skin leaving it with a healthy pinkish glow that you will surely love.

Have the confidence to face the world because life is fair. Now you can easily achieve the complexion you have always wanted with CELESTY Glow Extreme Whitening Essence.

It eradicates unstable molecules called free-radicals and oxidants which cause the skin cells to be damaged.

As a result, your skin will be revitalized, the aging process will slow down and appearance of the skin will be radiantly glowing.

How to use:

1. Wash your face by using a mild soap (facial soap) or a facial cleansing
2. Rinse it off with warm- or tap water.
3. Dab face dry with a clean cloth or towel.
4. Apply a generous amount of CELESTY Glow Extreme Essence
evenly on your face.

Customer's Review

  • 2012/01/23 From Customer: Emily Product Rating: ★★★★



  • 2011/07/11 From Customer: Kathy Product Rating: ★★★★★

    Nutrient to the skin!

    The description says it to dab a lot to the skin which made my skin feel very moisturized!
    The nutrients inside also brightened a little and can be seen. I would like to buy again!

  • 2011/07/04 From Customer: アメリー Product Rating: ★★★



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