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CELESTY Glow Series

CELESTY Glow Extreme Whitening Toner

Product Code: 1176
Retail Price (incl. Tax) : ¥ 3,456

CELESTY Glow offers the 3C's of beautiful skin: Clear, Clean, and Clog-free.

It clears out blemishes and evens out your skin tone.

The toner gently cleanses and rids the skin off of deep-seated dirt and other skin impurities and it also eliminates dead skin cells. It leaves your skin clog-free with minimized noticeable skin pores.

CELESTY Glow Extreme Whitening Toner contains water, glycerin, kiwi essence and artichoke essence that promote healthy skin cell renewal.

It leaves your skin feeling smooth and looking fresh and revitalized.

Why envy your favorite celebrities' silky smooth skin if you can have it yourself?

Experience the 3C's of beautiful skin and glow like a celebrity with CELESTY Glow Extreme Whitening Toner.

How to use:

1. Wash your face with a mild soap or facial cleanser.
2. Rinse it off with warm- or tap water.
2. Dab yor face dry with a clean cloth or towel.
3. Apply a generous amount of Extreme Whitening Toner evenly on your

Customer's Review

  • 2014/02/18 From Customer: 愛用者 Product Rating: ★★★★



  • 2014/02/18 From Customer: Eva Product Rating: ★★★★

    My skin is whiter than in summer!

    The product helped my skin tone down and plus made it a smooth skin. It is effective for brightening the colour of the skin.

  • 2014/02/18 From Customer: 渡部 Product Rating: ★★★★



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